Was the Somerton Man a Dancer ? ... 5 Dec, 2020 03:29 AM 4 minutes to read. Byron Deveson, lifted from Cipher Mysteries. Updated August 4, 2020. On 1 December 1948 at 6:30 am, the police were contacted after the body of a man was discovered on Somerton Park beach near Glenelg, about 11 km (6.8 mi) southwest of Adelaide, South Australia.The man was found lying in the sand across from the Crippled Children's Home, which was on the corner of The Esplanade and Bickford Terrace. Byron Deveson. Meanwhile, the world was notified of the strange case of the Somerton man, and several months later, a gentleman walked into the detective’s office with a copy of the elusive book from which “Tamám Shud,” a phrase likely to appear on the last page of the book, had been ripped. And I think, since it seems like his family had roots in the southeast, he might still have relatives in America. For a start, the much-repeated belief that he was unidentified simply doesn’t hold true: the suitcase that he (without any real doubt) left at the railway station contained three items with the name “KEANE” on them. peterbowes # Cramer craves exposure as the world’s leading authority on the Somerton Man mystery .. he plumbs the web for opportunities to put forward his theories but for some reason goes unchallenged. World. The Somerton Man and what may have ailed him. For some time, I have been looking at the Somerton Man case from the point of view of tangible evidence. The mystery began seven decades ago on December 1, 1948, when a man was discovered dead, slumped by the sea wall on Adelaide’s Somerton Beach. A man known as 'Somerton Man was found dead on SA beach in December 1948 ... Kim Kardashian West recycles the same white Christmas tree and Whoville décor for the 2020 … Was the Somerton Man a Prospector .. ? The Somerton Man is believed to have been aged about 40, had an athletic build and was found neatly dressed. December 9, 2020 Reply. At the time of the Somerton Man's death, she'd moved to Adelaide and lived in Glenelg, 400 metres from where the body was found. The 23 doubts that surround the Somerton Man Case. The Somerton Man. The indignities of an exhumation; DNA, mtDNA, genealogy,mass spectroscopy and nuclear related matters. At 6.30 am on December 1st, 1948 the body of a man was discovered on Somerton Park Beach, South Australia.To this day the man remains unidentified, with his case commonly referred to as that of the Somerton Man or the Tamam Shud case. This is due to both advances in technology - offering more possibilities for identifying this man and possibly resolving the mystery - and the publication of a book on the latest developments, "The Unknown Man… It would be nice to know if he (Somerton man) has any living relatives. It looked like a peaceful enough passing but as nobody came forward to identify the man and police failed to … The tragedy is that all his work on micro code and all the years he has put in promoting it are a waste of effort.